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Tateossian Nepal Nugget Beaded Bracelet

Tateossian Nepal Nugget Beaded Bracelet

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Our Nepal Nugget bracelet is a true testament to the beauty of nature. This bracelet draws inspiration from the enchanting landscapes and rich colours of Nepal, featuring a unique semi-precious stones. The bracelet showcases a slim design, with rhodium-plated sterling silver nugget beads and matching discs. The brown jasper embraces the warm earthy tones of a rustic landscape.
• Material: Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver & Brown Striped Agate

• Stone: Named after an Ancient Roman, Obsius, obsidian was used in antiquity because of its sharp edges and high vitreous lustre. Varieties show golden or silver sheen caused by inclusions. Colours can be black, grey, brown and green and commonly associated with protection.
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